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Life Application of Sensor Faucet

Life Application of Sensor Faucet

Since the induction faucet does not need direct human contact, it can effectively prevent bacterial cross infection. As soon as the water comes into our country, the function will be closed when the water leaves, so as to save water more than 70% effectively, which is especially suitable for the area of serious water shortage in our country. Nowadays, induction faucet are commonly used in public places such as railway stations,bus stations, airports and hospitals with dense human flow.

Induction faucets in applications can be divided into the following categories:

1, Public induction faucet-- it can be used in most public places when the signal is sensed and the signal disappears and the water is stooped.

2,Medical induction faucet-- it can automatically stop water for a certain time after sensing the signal to give water, which is suitable for use in hospital operating room and nurse hand washing dish.

It is really important to stop the spread of virus from the source, Gorency is the main supplier of medical using sensor faucet to hospitals in all of China.

3, Household induction faucet-- except for the function of automatically stopping water for a certain period of time when the signal is sensed to give water and the signal disappears, it also has the function of washing water for a long time, which is suitable for household using.

There is an old saying that: illness comes from mouth. It means we must keep virus from mouth, Gorency sensor faucet can help in touchless during washing vegetables or fruits.


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