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GORENCY Summer Package Promotion 2021

GORENCY Summer Package Promotion 2021

GORENCY Summer Promotion

You can enjoy GORENcy’s Summer Promotion from now on by purchasing the designated models.
You must not miss this promotion! 
Bring the GORENCY back home by today to discover how it has taken the cleansing experience to entirely new levels!
Availability is limited, please act now to enjoy the unprecedented experience !
 For the Package Product Information, please find the link as below:

1) CW630PJW/F - Regular One Piece Toilet
2) CW981PB/SW981B - Elongated Close Coupled Toilet
3) LW895J - Console Lavatory
4) LW643JW/F - Console Lavatory
5) LW592JW/F- Under Counter Lavatory

For enquiries, please contact our Authorized Dealers.


Contact: Kevin Hou

Phone: 86-15067739232

Tel: 86-577-27880251

Email: kevin@trutes.com

Add: Lvao Industrial Park, Liushi Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province China 325604

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