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COVID-19 Update


We are monitoring the situation as it evolves to protect the well-being of GORENCY associates while continuing to play a critical role in keeping essential goods and services flowing around the world and providing safe clean water for human health and the environment during these challenging times.

A GORENCY COVID-19 task force is working around the clock to monitor, prepare and manage our global COVID-19 business response based on direction from international health organizations, local governments and our own safety protocols.

Some of the actions we are taking to keep our associates safe include:

  • Required all associates who can work from home to do so; Established social distancing protocols within offices and manufacturing sites
  • Suspended all GORENCY business travel
  • Restricted all non-essential visitors to our facilities
  • Closed all Gorency canteens and lunchrooms for seating
  • Created daily cleaning and disinfecting protocols for all our facilities
  • Utilizing IT Collaboration and Productivity Tools in lieu of travel and face-to-face meetings
  • Established an emergency COVID-19 paid leave policy for Gorency associates
  • Activated programs and resources to support the physical and emotional health of associates

In addition, we are providing critical support to communities to help alleviate the urgent needs created by COVID-19. These efforts include:

  • Providing supplies to first responders and healthcare organizations
  • Giving enhanced financial support to food pantries
  • Collaborating with various groups to leverage our manufacturing experience in critical solutions to aid in the response

The vast majority of our manufacturing operations remain open at this time, and we will continually review our personnel required to safely operate in support of customer needs.

At this point, we see no significant impact on our ability to fulfill your existing orders as a result of COVID-19. To ensure the fewest possible interruptions to your business, we are available to support your needs including orders, inquiries and technical support.

We wish you good health and thank you for your partnership as we work together during this unprecedented time.


Contact: Kevin Hou

Phone: 86-15067739232

Tel: 86-577-27880251

Email: kevin@trutes.com

Add: Lvao Industrial Park, Liushi Town, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province China 325604

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